Moises Cook, CEO
Moises Cook,

I am the owner and chief of construction operations for Roof Vets. I have over 20 years of experience in residential, commercial, and Industrial & Government construction. My expertise includes new construction and renovations. I have experience in overseeing construction projects from start to finish. I have worked on projects valued at up to 15 Million dollars. I am an expert in building codes and identifying all issues of construction. I am a motivated Veteran from the US Army Corps of Engineers.
As a military officer, I have acted as an army representative for civilian construction on military bases to ensure Quality Control / Quality Assurance of government projects, including enforcement of all building codes and regulations during all phases of design, pre-construction, and construction.

Joe Pollock, Senior Insurance Specialist
Joe Pollock,
Senior Insurance Specialist

Joe plans to graduate in 2023 with a double major in Computer Engineering and Economics with a minor in Mathematics from Utah State University (USU). At his second job, Joe operates as a Student Supervisor at USU’s Merrill-Cazier Library.  Joe frequently codes in C++ and Python, as well as HTML and CSS, which brings the technical and aesthetic skills fundamental to his position at Roof Vets. Ever since his first job on a farm and peach orchard when he was 15 years old, Joe has believed in the necessity of assisting the hard-working individuals in the community. In the future, Joe plans to advance into a career in Investment Banking to progress his financial skills to prepare him for a transition into Private Equity. As a student aspiring to be a Private Equity Managing Director, Joe knows the only way to prove a company is worth clients’ investment is by prioritizing quality over quantity.

Jessica Brinkerhoff, Chief Insurance Officer & Marketing Director​
Jessica Brinkerhoff,
Chief Insurance Officer & Marketing Director

She is double majoring in Marketing and International Business with a minor in Linguistics at Utah State University (USU). She has worked for international and regional businesses in accounting/bookkeeping, website development, and office-centered roles. She has worked in an accounting firm that aided small businesses with finance, so she understands the importance of doing jobs effectively and correctly. She greatly enjoys working with others and finding out the workings of small businesses. Her hobbies include cooking, hiking, and skiing. She has always taken an interest in homes and insurance and is hoping to give every homeowner the answers to all their questions and make their journey with Roof Vets as easy as possible.

Kaeden Lester, Senior Claims Negotiator
Kaeden Lester,
Senior Claims Negotiator

Kaeden Lester, grew up playing baseball, and played 1 year of college baseball at USU before serving a religious mission in Puerto Rico. Loves to hunt, fish, hike be outdoors and spend time with family. Currently studying Accounting at Utah State University with a dual minor in criminal justice and Spanish. Kaeden plans to enter the law enforcement field in 2021 to work towards a career in the DEA or FBI. Kaeden loves the opportunity to speak with customers and make sure they are satisfied and happy with the outcome of their project. 


We are currently looking for energetic individuals to be part of our amazing team.  Do you enjoy working in an environment that is not only fun, but also for a company that has a passion to help the local community? If so, Roof Vets is a good fit for you. Apply today! 

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